Become a member @ Lamberhurst Golf Club... 

As at 1st August 2020, we have a WAITING LIST in place for all membership categories but applications still welcome.

Deposit: As of 1st April, 2021, we request a £100 deposit to process/progress all membership applications. This deposit will be deducted from the subscription on joining. If the club is unable to offer membership within 3 months of application the deposit can be refunded if required.


Designed to suit all types of golfer, from experienced to beginner, we have a membership package that is just right for you. Just follow the links below to see subscriptions and full details of each package.

Annual Membership Package

Country Membership Package 

Finally, all members receive the following great additional benefits:

  • Free Social membership for non-playing partners
  • Free Junior membership for members’ children, grandchildren or great grandchildren aged 14 and under. Juniors under fourteen only allowed on course with an adult.

So be one of the lucky ones, applying couldn't be easier using our online Application Form below.


Membership Application Form

2021/22 Subscription Fees

Aged 35 and over £1420 £120.40
Aged 30 to 34 £1050 £89.03
Aged 26 to 29 £860 £72.92
Aged 21 to 25 £550 £46.63
Aged 18 to 20 £305 £25.86
Aged 15 to 18 £250
Aged up to 14 £150    - 
Students * £250  
Overseas ** £125
Social (incl VAT)*** £95


'Monthly' includes affiliation fees, insurance and administrative charge. Based on Men's Fees. 'Monthly' price alters pro rata during membership year. Payment by direct debit does not constitute monthly membership.
* Under 25 and in full time education
** Resides outside UK for ten months or more per year
*** Free social membership available for spouses
Affiliation Fees and Compulsory Insurance Apply:
Gentleman's Fees EGU £9.50 KGU £11 
Insurance £4.
Ladies' Fees EGU £9.50 KGU £11
Insurance £4

Lockers Available: Gents £45 / £35 / £25 according to size.
Ladies' £25

Direct Debit Form