The 4MAJORS Armchair Challenge 2021

Dear Punters

Yes its the final lap for this year's 4Majors epic challenge which starts NEXT THURSDAY 15th July 6am

Here are the players,

and your first task is to sort them into the geogroups and choose one from each of the 4 groups.
Now, on this page there should be a box to tick and display the people who have qualified but are not playing (injured, old, Covid, whatever). Just in case you see a different list, Sungjae Im and Si Woo Kim aren't expected.

So, do one of the following ...
• if you have paid in advance and know that your selections from The US Open are playing, and you wish to use them again, then do nothing, else send me your new selections
• If you pay per Major then please ask/email Andrew to dock the £5 from your swipe card, and email me your selections/tell me to use your US Open choices, else add a fiver to an envelope along with your name & 4 selections, and post it through the Office letterbox
• If you are from Oslo, then Mr Tanne will send me your £5 and you just need to email me your selections/tell me to use your US Open choices
Let me know if you require another option!

Just a reminder that 67 people have entered the 3 Majors to date, so, with their entry to the Open, they are eligible to win the Overall Pot. Now is the time to encourage friends, enemies, family, complete strangers etc to have a go and increase the Prize Pots. I have littered the clubhouse with eyeball reminders. Not sure if the paper entry forms are still around, more likely binned through Covid laws ..?

Anyhow, dust off/clear out the football armchair debris/empty strawberries & cream bowls and get going with the homework.
Good Luck!!


[email protected]


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