The 4MAJORS Armchair Challenge 2021

Dear Members,

It was a good finish for our 4MAJORS 2nd Round Challenge, and after letting the winners know of their exceeding good luck, started the bank holiday weekend early without sending the results so you could collect your side bets. Many apologies all.

So here it is, and for the first time we had a winner (3rd place) who also had a missed cut.
And again, no ties, so the jammy winning 3 punters, of 69 entrants, shared the pot of £207; £104, £62 and £41.
Many congrats to Sophia, Carla and Steve.

Just a reminder for the next Major, the US Open, starting on 17th June. No list of players this Major (Daker hols, plus its Tin Cup time with the field probably still undecided with 2 days to go) so treat this as a geography quiz to work out which of our 4 regions your selections fit into. Get it wrong and it'll be a missed cut!
Check the official site at

Good luck all (except for the 6 winners so far)


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