The 4MAJORS Armchair Challenge 2023

The 4MAJORS Armchair Challenge 2023

Dear golfers
As well as the challenge of skills on the golf course there is another facet to membership of LGC, yes, The 4MAJORS Armchair Challenge 2023 of picking the winners of each of the 4 Majors.
This has been enjoyed by the select few (around a hundred or so) and new members seem to think they can't take part, NOT SO! This Challenge is open to you, your friends, family, work colleagues, family pets, neighbours, in fact anyone who wants to invest £5 for each of this year's Major golf comps.
The 2nd Major, the US PGA, starts NEXT THURSDAY 18th May. Just pick one player from each of the 4 groups (incomplete list attached, who are due to play in the US PGA next week) who you reckon will end up high on the leaderboard by the Sunday evening. Their rank position is added and the lowest 3 scores win a share of the Pot. Give the Bar staff a fiver before the first tee off next Thursday morning - they can take it off your swipe card, pick up an entry form or just email me your 4 choices to [email protected]
If its all clear as mud then the bar staff can explain all!!
Its simple, it brings forth 'discussion' with your golfing colleagues (especially once the results appear) and it has even been known to encourage partners to watch on Sunday evenings particularly if they have a stake in the challenge! Advice is to pick 3 well known golfers plus a dark horse, the betting websites may assist you. The results from the 1st of the 4Majors, last month's Masters, are on the website under 'The Club' section, along with the small print and a list of likely players with a basic entry form attached.

Linda Daker & team



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