The 4MAJORS Armchair Challenge 2019

Dear Punters

Another disappointing weekend for most of us, so badly let down by Rose the Reliable and others.

Congratulations to four very lucky winners who tied with 33pts namely, Jamie, Nigel, Peter and Roger. Your winning envelopes, each containing £75, will be ready for collection from The Bar towards the end of the week. Fortunately no one had a full house (of missed cuts).

To add to the masochism felt by 96% of us, we have to go through this all again in just over 4 weeks. Yes its the next round of the CHALLENGE, the US PGA at Beth Page, Long Island, New York, 16th - 19th May. Your entries need to be in by noon on Thursday 16th May I will send out a likely list of players as known later this week, do keep an eye on field changes in the last few days before the start With so many punters paying up front I can predict that already the Overall Pot is over £270, only winnable if you enter all four rounds.

Good luck,


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