The 4MAJORS Armchair Challenge 2019

Dear Punters,

What a challenge!
Well done to Steve, VIcki and Nick ** for their discerning picks in The Open and hard luck to all those so seriously let down by their Pro's.
Not your fault at all, just look at these losers!

Congrats also to Charlie Murray, who alone picked the winner, Shane - how well did he play in that awful weather?
At the other end of the scale, no-one managed a full house (of losers).

So onto the Overall Pot, source of much planning and plotting by those in the lead,
and congrats to Leigh, Peter and Dennis** for rising to the top - pure fluke some would say?

On the admin front, this challenge would not be possible without Louise & John gathering in and managing the paper entries and dosh, MANY THANKS!
And to John, Sue & Ken for their diligent scrutiny. Inevitably there are errors, but you have time to correct them before the cutline on Day 2, providing they are MY errors
and please don't lose sight of this as a light hearted challenge in contrast to our deadly serious golfing skill as displayed on the course.

I have included the full summary of winners, and as you can see the pots are getting quite sizeable, totally just under £2000.
The biggest single winner is, as it should be, the Captain's Charity, the WWF with £397.

Many thanks for your support, get some fresh horsehair in the armchair and roll on next April.

** envelopes should be available from the Bar by the end of the week.
PS - would someone collect Jamie's for him?


[email protected]


2019 Results

The Open Results

Overall Pot Standings