The 2018 4MAJORS Challenge

Dear Potential Punters,
Thursday 19th July is but a few days away. Its the start of our 3rd 4MAJORS armchair golfing challenge, The Open.
So, while you are sitting comfortably, channel hopping to avoid the clichés of the football 'pundits' perhaps consider how your favourite golf pros are getting on.
Will they let you down again? Any gossip on their aches and pains? What are the bookies suggesting?
Once you've decided, then let Louise/Bar staff have your fiver and selections or send your choices direct to me at [email protected]
Rob has kindly provided a list of players as of 9th July. There's a handful of spots still available so check on

As ever, get great aunt gertie/the hamster to have a go too, or your playing partners who may unwisely doubt the amazing extent of your knowledge and discernment -
on golf matters - good luck all!

Open qualifiers up to 12th July

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